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The safest and fastest way to secretly view and download stories, highlights and profile pictures from instagram. View the stories of millions of instagram users, and save your favorite stories before they get deleted.

Instagram Large Profile Picture Viewer and Downloader among many other tools lets you also secretly view and download large version profile pictures of any Instagram profile, be it a public or private.

This useful tool is very easy to use, simply add the profile username of the account you wish to view the profile picture of and press enter. You can secretly see any profile picture and download it.

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How To Use

Even though the process is very simple, there are actually people who would like to know how this little tool works. For all the non-techy visitors of our site here are a few very easy to follow steps for you.

Step 1: Insert the username - Make sure the username is only the profile instead of pasting the whole url. For example if you would like to view someones profile picture you would simply have to type in their username and press enter or search.

Step 2: If everything went smooth you should have now been redirected to the results page with all the versions of that users profile picture. You can either view them online or download directly to your PC!

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